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Volume 32(2), 2013

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2013, Volume 32, Issue 2

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Editors’ Introduction (with Table of Contents/Masthead)
Glenn Hartelius

The Peak at the Nadir: Psychological Turmoil as the Trigger for Awakening Experiences
Steve Taylor

Introduction to Special Topic Section: Transpersonal Sociology
Ryan Rominger

Transpersonal Sociology: Origins, Development, and Theory
Ryan Rominger & Harris L. Friedman

Religion and Spiritual Experience: Revisiting Key Assumptions in Sociology
Steven F. Cohn & Kyriacos C. Markides

Emile Durkheim and C. G. Jung: Structuring a Transpersonal Sociology of Religion
Susan F. Greenwood

Developing Transpersonal Resiliency: An Approach to Healing and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe
Mazvita Machinga & Harris L. Friedman

Intentional Kayaking: Awakening Intimacy Within the Natural World
Nancy Mangano Rowe

Implications and Consequences of Post-Modern Philosophy for Contemporary Transpersonal Studies: 2. Georges Bataille’s Post-Nietzschean Secular Mysticism, Phenomenology of Ecstatic States, and Original Transpersonal Sociology
Harry T. Hunt

“Transpersonal Pakistan”
Paul Heelas

A Declaration of Interdependence: Peace, Social Justice, and the “Spirit Wrestlers”
John Elfers

Shakespeare’s Cymbeline and the Mystical Particular: Redemption, Then and Now, for a Disassembled World
Judy Schavrien